Saturday, March 13, 2010

What Do We Wear? Spring 2010

This is a question I often get when families are preparing for their upcoming shoot. Gap and Old Navy always have comfortable, classic pieces that are not super pricey. The pieces above were found on

Should we all match? Yes and NO!

Colors: Most of the time it is easiest to build around a specific piece of clothing, the foundation piece. For the picture above I chose the yellow dress for a mom and found colors that complimented the dress. I used it for my foundation piece. You can also look at the foundation piece to create a nice color palette or you can look here for what's in the forecast this season.

Look: If one person is wearing jeans and a polo the other should not be wearing a silk dress - yes, that is extreme, but you get the picture! Keep it all the same: casual, dressy-casual, etc. You can add in accessories like scarves, ruffles, funky jewelry. It is good to keep the patterns to a minimum and switch up with complimentary color shades instead. Go here to read what "yourhomebasedmom" says about the Squint Trick (it's toward the middle of the article).

Feel: Make the outfits fit your family. Don't go out and spend money on new outfits. Look at what's in your closet. It may surprise you! Lay them all out together and see if they blend well. Do they feel like you? If you are choosing to wear all white shirts and denim it's totally fine, just make sure that's you. (I personally think it's ok to have pictures like that - some photographers completely disagree). If you all own a pair of Converse sneakers and want to rock them out, bring it on!

What's most important?

Comfort and confidence! The most important two things you can do for a photo shoot are dress comfortably and bring a side of confidence to do things you may have never thought of! When I say dress comfortable, I don't mean your sweats, but be sure you can sit on the ground in your clothes, lay on your stomach, walk a little ways because this will help you ENJOY your shoot that much more! Wear something you feel confident in. It may be your favorite pair of jeans with a flattering top, a pair of flip flops, or that new pair of heels you just got. Whatever helps you achieve that confidence will help your pictures look that much better!

FUN! Be ready to smile, be yourself, and let go for a little bit! You are the star - these pictures are all about you so make them your own, make them fun!

Can I bring anything else?

Of course you may! Props are welcome! If you want to bring a special quilt to sit on in some poses, a picture of a loved one, or anything that adds a uniqueness and MEMORY to your picture is completely allowed! They are your photos!

My friend Ashley can help with outfits anytime. Check out her site here! You can always call or email me as well if you have any questions!

Have a great week!